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Does Your Doggie Suffer From Anxiety?

doganxietySeeing a pet suffer from anxiety is very distressing. You just want to wrap them up in cotton wool, tell them you love them, that everything is OK and you will always protect them. Unfortunately, in most circumstances this can cause even more anxiety for your loved ones. Understanding what may be causing the anxiety and taking a preventative approach is the best way we can help protect and comfort our doggies.

Dogs exhibit different signs of stress depending on the dog and the situation. Typical signs of stress or anxiety include:

Barking: It is normal for dogs to bark for various reasons however excessive barking can be due to confinement, anxiety, frustration or lack of interaction and exercise.

Trembling And Shaking: If your dog is not wet or cold but is shaking or trembling, then this may be stress or anxiety related. Situations this often happens in are travel, loud unexpected noises or a new environment.

Drooling: Sometimes dogs that are very stressed will drool. However drooling can also be a sign of nausea. It is important to distinguish what is the cause of the drooling.

Hiding: If the dog starts hiding or seeking refuge it can be to get away from a stressful situation or a loud noise like storms and fireworks.

Excessive Licking Or Scratching: Excessive licking or scratching may be related to anxiety however it is important to ensure the area being licked or scratched is not the actual cause through some type of insect bite or infection.

It is important to put time in to analyze the symptoms and take appropriate action, whether this be providing more space, exercise, travel sickness medications or a trip to the vet to investigate further. In some cases of separation or noise anxiety, the only solution may be to manage the situation through some of the world leading dog anxiety products that are now stocked at the Leura Doggie Store.

Lets take a look at some of solutions available:

Stay CALM With ZenDog


zendog dog anxietySwaddling, (or applying gentle, maintained pressure) is well-known as an effective way to calm babies. Fur babies are no different. Like humans, pets have pressure points that, when activated, help calm even the most anxious dogs.

Zendog uses the double effect of pressure point stimulation and aromatherapy oils to help calm and soothe. Combine the ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt with the companion ZenPet Calming Spray for twice the effectiveness. ZenPet Spray is a specially formulated aromatherapy oil blend including lavender and chamomile to calm even the most anxious pets. Use the spray on its own or spritz on the enclosed aromatherapy cards and insert into the pocket on the ZenDog shirt front.

The ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt works to calm dog anxiety by:

[dt_list style=”1″ bullet_position=”middle” dividers=”false”][dt_list_item image=””]Four-way stretch fabric provides just the right amount of pressure[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Acts as a cooling garment when wet[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Lightweight, breathable fabric[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Activates pressure points[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Adjustable, custom fit[/dt_list_item][/dt_list]

Diffuse Dog Anxiety With Adaptil 



Adaptil has been shown to alleviate canine anxiety in more than 16 studies in published scientific journals and has been presented at veterinary conferences worldwide. Many dog rescue organisations use Adaptil to alleviate stress for dogs during their stay.

Just plug the Adaptil Diffuser discreetly into your wall and your dog should begin to feel more calm within 24 hours. Adaptil is not a medication. It’s a synthetic copy of the natural comforting pheromone produced by mother dogs to comfort and calm her pups. Dogs of all ages respond well to this comforting pheromone. Easy Adaptil Diffuser Refills provide constant relief

Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collars offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviour in your dog. Designed to provide comfort to puppies and adult dogs in stressful situations, they are a great solution when travelling or when your doggie is in a new environment. Available in small and large sizes so you can keep your puppy or large breed adult doggie calm and protected.