Dog Neck Measurement

Most Brands size their collars according to the length of the collar not your dogs neck measurement. When measuring your dog or cat for a collar keep two to three fingers between your pet’s neck and the measuring tape to allow for your pet’s comfort.¬†Then add about five centimetres to this neck measurement to get the correct collar length.

For example, if you purchase a Fuzzyard collar and the measured size of your dogs neck is 22cm, you would purchase a Small size (25 – 38cm) collar.



Dog Harness Measurement

When it comes to harnesses, its important to take accurate girth (around the rib cage) and neck measurements as well as record the weight of your dog. Again when measuring your dog or cat for a keep two to three fingers between your pet’s neck/girth and the measuring tape to allow for your pet’s comfort. Many harnesses also use your pets weight as a measurement indicator, so use all three measurements, neck, girth and weight when determining the correct harness size. Take the EzyDog Chest Plate harness as an example, you have measured your dogs neck, girth and weight and your dog has a 45cm neck, 55cm girth and weighs 15kg. Although the small and medium size of the EzyDog Chest Plate harness fits your dog in terms of neck and girth measurements, due to the weight of your dog, the medium size is the best fit in this example.




Dog Clothing Measurement

Because garment sizing varies amongst brands all sizing information is given within the individual item description on this website. You cannot assume that because your pet takes a particular size in one brand that it will take the same size in another. For this reason wherever possible information is provided in centimetres and/or dog weight range according to what information is available from the Manufacturers/Distributors. We recommend measuring your dog in centimeters from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, around the girth (chest) and around the neck as shown in the diagrams.

Purchase the garment size that most closely matches your dogs measurements. Most apparel has adjustable fastening which allows for some variation under the tummy and around the neck. If your dog is very broad across the chest and body or has a very thick coat of hair, you may need to consider the next size up.




The measurements of individual beds are given in centimetres within each item description on this website. If you are unsure what size bed to buy for your dog, we recommend you measure your dog when it is lying down in its normal sleeping position. Measure from the tip of your dogs nose to the base of its tail (where the tailbone connects to the rump) and then add sufficient extra room to allow your dog to be comfortable (if your dog likes to curl up in a ball, take this into account). This measurement should give you the diameter or length of bed. Example: if your dog’s neck to tail measurement is 40cm, add about 20cm for comfort and that means you should look at buying a bed that measures around 60cm in length or diameter. Please take into consideration this information is provided as a guideline only. We cannot guarantee exact fittings due to the size and shape variations between each dog and breed.