The Ruffwear Dog Toys Range will entertain your dog no matter what the occasion. There is a Ruffwear Dog Toy to suit any occasion. Therefore whether you are playing fetch or playing in the water, Ruffwear will have you covered.

Ruffwear Dog Toys includes:

The Ruffwear Gnawt a Stick

The Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick natural sustainable latex rubber toy is durable and chew-resistant. With a faceted, gum-massaging surface. It bounces erratically for an engaging game of fetch. Also floats upright to remain visible and hence easy to retrieve. Part of the Pacific Gnaw-west toy collection inspired by Ruffwear’s home of Bend, Oregon, and therefore its natural surroundings.

Ruffwear Lunker

The Ruffwear Lunker is soft, recycled, durable dog toy floats, making it ideal for water-based catch-and-fetch! The rope lanyard makes it easy to throw long distances.

The Ruffwear Hydro Plane

Get ready for high diving fun! This soft, floating disc was built for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water. Pontoon-like construction allows the Ruffwear Hydro Plane to float high atop the water for easy visibility for you and your dog!

Ruffwear Gnawt a Rock

It looks like a piece of Obsidian from nearby lava flows, but it’s the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock! This durable throw toy is inspired by natural volcanic glass formed by rapidly cooling lava from Pacific Northwest volcanoes.

About Ruffwear

Ruffwear’s mission is to build dog Ruffwear Dog Toys to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions. As a result, Ruffwear continually strive to design and build premium dog toys that last. Due to this, fun in the great outdoors is achieved.

The Ruffwear Dog Toys can also be complimented by the Ruffwear Float Coat and the Ruffwear Beacon. Hence safety and fun will not be compromised.

Due to the additions to the Ruffwear Dog Toys range, your dog will enjoy extra comfort and security whilst staying cool in the summer heat.

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