The Ruffwear Collars are world class and the range includes rope Ruffwear Knot-A-Collar, Top Rope Collar and Crag Collar. You dog will be all set for adventure with Ruffwear.

Ruffwear Collars includes:

The Ruffwear Crag Collar

The Ruffwear Crag Collar combines user-friendly, side-release buckle with reflective webbing. The collar is packed full of Ruffwear’s essential collar features. A separate ID tag attachment point, strong and comfortable webbing, and aluminum V-ring are all inclusive.

Ruffwear Top Rope Dog Collar

The Ruffwear Top Rope Collar offers strength and reliability with Ruffwear-designed stainless steel and anodized aluminum hardware. Peace of mind and positive retention also come standard.

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Dog Collar

The Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar is inspired by climbing rope. As a result this collar is strong and comfortable. Sliding fisherman knots are adjustable for a custom fit. The Ruffwear-designed, single-piece aluminum hardware is ultra-secure.

Ruffwear Chain Reaction Dog Collar

The Chain Reaction Collar is a martingale-style collar that combines Ruffwear-designed TubeLok™ webbing and a short section of steel chain. This collar allows for limited correction with an audible cue, making it a great training tool.

About Ruffwear

Ruffwear’s mission builds dog Ruffwear Collars to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers. As a result, Ruffwear continually strive to design Ruffwear Collar solutions. Therefore, safety and comfort in the great outdoors is achieved.

The Ruffwear Collars range can be complimented by the world leading range of Ruffwear Leashes. For added safety, the Ruffwear Beacon will therefore light the way.

The Ruffwear Dog Collar range is highly recommended. The knot a collar is the best soution for curly dog coats. We are inspired by our outdoor pursuits to utilize fabrics that have been proven in the environment we live for and play in. For that reason our dogs put our products through the paces. As a result this provides valuable feedback that motivates and drives Ruffwear’s continuous product development.

We therefore believe it is the amazing connection with our dogs, and their ability to motivate us to get out and explore. This makes all the hard work worth the effort. Because dogs encourage us to follow our nose just to see where the experience takes us. They improve our health, our lives, and our outlook. Consequently they for little in return. Combine a dog’s appetite for exploration with the right equipment and you’ll be prepared for yet another grand adventure.

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