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Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest

Ruffwear Australia Beat the heat this Summer with the Ruffwear Jet Stream Dog Cooling Vest. The Ruffwear Jet Stream efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through shading and evaporative cooling.

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Ruffwear Brush Guard

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Brush Guard is an add-on to Ruffwear harnesses and packs, offering three distinct purposes: it provides chest and belly protection from abrasion, adds additional support when lifting and assisting dogs, and further stabilizes packs and harnesses.

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Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness

The Ruffwear Hi & Light Harness is a lightweight, low-profile adventure harness. This minimalist harness has four points of adjustment for a sleek, comfortable fit.

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Ruffwear Crag Collar

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Crag Collar combines our user-friendly, side-release buckle with our reflective Tubelok™ webbing. Packed full of Ruffwear’s essential collar features: a separate ID tag attachment point, strong and comfortable webbing, and aluminum V-ring.

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Ruffwear Top Rope Dog Collar

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Top Rope Collar offers strength and reliability with Ruffwear-designed stainless steel and anodized aluminum hardware. Peace of mind and positive retention come standard.

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Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Front Range Harness is an everyday harness that is easy to fit, and comfortable for dogs to wear. The harness features two leash attachment points: an aluminum V-ring centered on the dog's back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog's chest for training or additional control.

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Ruffwear Float Coat

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Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket is the ultimate in canine flotation and water safety. For dogs that love to join their humans rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing and paddle boarding, this life jacket is designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness is a supportive, multi-use harness for dogs built for maneuvering and assisting dogs up and over obstacles. The Web Master is the preferred dog harness used by many avalanche rescue dog teams in the United States and across the world.

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Ruffwear Sun Shower Waterproof Dog Raincoat

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Sun Shower is a non-insulated full coverage, lightweight waterproof rain jacket that keeps dogs comfortable and dry during wet weather adventures. Side release buckles allow for easy on/off, while reflective trim enhances low-light visibility.

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