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Ruffwear Huck A Cone

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Huck A Cone is an interactive, natural rubber throw toy. Ruffwear took the popular Gnawt-a-Cone and added a knotted rope handle, providing excellent grip during training drills and rewarding play.

Size: Suited for medium / large breeds

Ruffwear Huckama

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Huckama moves like a critter and is fun to chase. This durable, interactive toy keeps dogs engaged with its erratic bounce and roll.

One Size: 8cm

Ruffwear TurnUp Toy

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear TurnUp is an interactive toy that’s almost round, so it bounces in all directions. Ideal for athletic dogs of any size. It is compatible with ball throwers for hours of fetching fun.

One Size: 6cm

Ruffwear Gnawt a Rock

Ruffwear Australia It looks like a piece of Obsidian from nearby lava flows, but it’s the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Rock! This durable throw toy is inspired by natural volcanic glass formed by rapidly cooling lava from Pacific Northwest volcanoes.

One Size: 11.5cm

Ruffwear Gnawt a Cone

Ruffwear Australia The resilient, natural rubber Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Cone resembles the popular Pacific Northwest token, but it’s designed to engage and reward our canine friends.

One Size: 7.5 x 10cm

Ruffwear Gnawt a Stick

Ruffwear Australia Resilient, natural rubber throw toy, the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick is inspired by Oregon coastal driftwood, a favorite token among beach-combing dogs in the Pacific Northwest.

One Size: 4 x 30cm

Ruffwear Gourdo Dog Toy

Ruffwear Australia The Ruffwear Gourdo, from interactive play, to treat dispensing, to gum massaging, this durable toy does it all. The rope lanyard makes it easy to throw and pick up to avoid the slobbery rubber end. Please Note: Specific colours can vary depending upon availability.

Size: Small (13x4cm) / Large (6x20cm)