Woofas, my name is Bindi, I founded the Leura Doggie Store for VIP’s (Very Important Pets) in 2010.

I loved working in my shop, I use to sit at the counter and when people came in, I would greet them at the top of the stairs with a toy in my mouth. Usually it was my pink FuzzYard flea, that is my favourite. It is still by my side here at Rainbow Bridge.

I would always give people a guided tour through the shop, and greet all the doggies with a wagging tail and kisses. I also use to sneak up behind visitors that would be looking at the treats, and then start talking (barking) to them. That was me saying, “its OK I am the owner of the business, you have permission to open those treats and give me one :)”.

I was joined by my sweetheart little brother Bobby in September 2011. What a godsend this beautiful boy was, a gentle, sooky boy with a very cheeky grin. He use to follow me around everywhere, it was like he idolized me. Our adventures together were so much fun, I turned into a puppy again with Bobby by my side.

Soon after Bobby joined my family I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. I was only 9 years old. This was a big shock for everyone, but in true Bindi fashion I held my head high and told them not to worry, I will be OK. Two years later thanks to the incredible team at SASH Animal Hospital and my courage and determination, I managed to fight off the cancer and keep it away.

I lived to become a grand old girl and that is something that I and my family are very grateful about. I peacefully passed onto rainbow bridge with my family by my side at the age of 11. Until the day we meet again, I shall look over my family from Rainbow Bridge and they carry me in their hearts every single moment of every single day. Woofas, Bindi Girl.

Woofas, my name is Bobby and I am the 2IC (2nd In Charge) at the Leura Doggie Store for VIP’s. I joined Bindi’s family in September 2011, and from day one, we had an amazing friendship and inseparable bond. Often referred to as Bindi’s earth angel, I brought so much joy to Bindi’s life, I made her feel young again.

She sometimes use to get a little annoyed with me, but that was only because I loved her so much. I use to follow her around like a groupie, and want to be close to her all the time, she made me feel safe and happy. Sometimes she would give me a look that said, “really Bobby, have you not heard of personal space!“.

We shared so many adventures together, I made Bindi young again and she taught me how to be a gentle, well mannered lovable boy. I now oversee Bindi’s business and uphold her legacy. Bindi’s legacy is about that understanding that pets are family members, that should be treated with respect, kindness, compassion and loved unconditionally, the way we love our owners.

The two years I spent with Bindi was incredible and I still miss her every day. In February 2014, Bonnie joined our family. I was very excited to have a new sister to look after, I had a smile from ear to ear. It has brought much joy and happiness back into my life and we have been inseparable every since.

From the 3am wrestle sessions, to creating a race track around the shed from chasing each other turn in turn, we are true partners in crime. I have taught her how to be cheeky. I feel like a puppy again, and we have many exciting adventures to experience together.

Woofas, my name is Bonnie and I am the 3IC (3rd in Charge) at the Leura Doggie Store for VIP’s and chief trouble maker. I joined Bindi and Bobby’s family in February 2014. I certainly fell on my feet, a beautiful big brother and a job as the 3IC of the Leura Doggie Store.

I have filled everyone’s life with laughter and joy from the moment I arrived. Bobby and I are inseparable partners in crime. He has taught me some slick wrestling techniques that he learnt from Bindi and he is also teaching me how to be a sweet, well mannered girl. Well we are still working on that, but cheeky I have by the bucket loads.

I am a little bigger now but I am still a lap dog. I love my family and they are so impressed with the way I worship Bobby. I sit on top of him and follow him around like a dirty smell just like he did with Bindi. He gets so annoyed with me when I snuggle up next to him, my family thinks its so funny and call it Karma.

We have a very important job to do, have heaps and heaps of fun together, shoplift when we are working (we like to call that product testing), enjoy our adventures with our family, and most importantly, be the keepers of Bindi’s business and legacy. My journey and story has only just begun, but its sure to be one filled with love, fun and adventure, with a touch of cheeky naughty thrown in as well 🙂